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Limited Offer


We will re-open our school from June 18.
We will limit class capacity only 3 students (normal capacity is 7 students) and we teach only Wednesday and Saturday morning class(11am-2pm) for few weeks.
Please check more detail information about our studio re-opening on this page.

We have decided to give a limited offer for purchasing classes until we re-open our school.
All classes are discounted at 20%.
If you are planning to come back to our class after we re-open our studio, this is a great opportunity to get a deal for class purchase and

a great way to support our small woman-owned business in this crisis.




You can use 1 Day Jewelry Making Class as a gift for someone.

If you are not planning to come back class immediately,
we can still save your class credit until end of year 2020.
For 24 sessions course purchase,
you require to start using class credit before end of the year 2020.

This offer will be expired on 6/16.

If you have any questions about this limited offer,
please contact us at

Thank you,

Ayaka Nishi

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