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Private Session


This online session is good for someone

 - Who wants to take a class privately
-  Who wants to have a more romantic experience with your partner
-  Who wants to arrange a special class for your group
-  Who wants to get full attention from an instructor

We usually teach group sessions (up to 6 students ) but as requested, we offer private sessions as well.
This private session is good for someone who wants to take a class completely privately.
If you can't come to our regular schedule (Wednesday and Saturday), we can arrange a special class in private.

In group sessions, you can still have guidance from the instructor but if you want to get full attention in the class, this is good for you.
Also, this is perfect for having special time for couples or family groups, and friends groups.


Private session rate: Stert $740 for 3 hours.
If you want to take a class as a group, the class can fit up to 6 students. For more detailed prices, please check this price chart for group sessions.
For even 1 student or 4 students, the price is $740 for 3 hours.
For more than 4 students, the price varies depending on the total student's number.



Materials cost is included to make a ring in silver or brass but if you want to make a ring in 14K gold or 18K gold, the additional material cost is $225 per ring for 14K gold (3mm width) and $365 for 18K gold (3mm width). For different bandwidths, please check the additional price chart below. This price is for 1 ring additional price.


To inquire, please contact at

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