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Safety Guidelines

  • When making jewelry, you must wear goggles to protect your eyes at all times, especially when using the wire brush.  Failure to do so can cause serious injury.

  • Additionally, please use a mask in order to prevent inhaling any dust. (To re-use the mask, we recommend putting zip lock bag and write your name.)This will be especially necessary when using the shaft. When borrowing tools from the studio, please return them to their original location after usage.

  • When cutting silver, gold, or brass, do not discard any excess material; please set the excess material aside in designated containers.

  •   In the case of a fire, please use the fire extinguisher located next to the door.


  • Please keep your hair tied back at all times (especially when using the shaft). Failure to do so can cause serious injury.



Absence Policy


We have limited space in the studio; there are four seats available per class. Therefore, please try to come to class as much as possible.  If you are unable to make it or wish to transfer to another day, please let us in know advance. You can reach us at this phone number: 347-813-1237 or

To reschedule your reservation, we require 72 hours' advance notice. After 72 hours, students will lose class credit in any reason.




Our Studio is closed on Public Holidays, these include:

Thanksgiving Day


New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day

We are occasionally closed due to our instructor’s exhibition or event schedule also travel schedule. We will inform you in advance.

Refund and Cancellation Fee for Single Session Classes


Cancellations require 72-hour notice before the class starts or 50% of tuition refund applies.

After 72 hours, cancellation is not refundable.


 Re-schedule for Single Session Classes


A re-schedule requires 72-hour notice regardless of the reason.

After 72 hours, re-schedule is not acceptable to make up. You will lose a session credit.


Refund and Cancellation Fee for Continuing Course


Should an applicant/student cancel or be terminated for any reason, all refunds will be made according to the following policy and refund schedule: 


  1. Cancellation must be sent by Certified Mail to “Ayaka Nishi Jewelry Design School” via

  2.  All monies will be refunded if the school does not accept the student or if the student cancels within three (3) business days after signing the Enrollment Agreement and making the initial payment.

  3. Cancellation after the third (3rd) business day, but before the first class, will result in a refund of all monies paid. Cancellation after attendance has begun, but prior to 20% (2 classes) of the completion of the program will result in a pro-rata refund computed on the number of hours completed to the total program hours.

  4. Cancellation after attendance has begun, but prior to 20% (2 classes) of the completion of the program will result in a pro-rata refund computed on the number of hours completed to the total program hours.

  5. Cancellation after completing 20% (2 classes) or more of the program/course or after 3 weeks of the first class started will result in no refund.

  6. Termination date: The calculation of the termination date for refund computation purposes is the date that the cancellation is received in the school by “Certified Mail”.

  7. Refunds will be made within thirty (30) days of termination or receipt of cancellation notice.

  8. A student can be dismissed at the discretion of the Director for insufficient progress, non-payment of costs, or failure to comply with rules.


 Cancellation and Termination Policy


  1. A student will be granted a leave of absence providing there is a valid reason such as illness, an emergency, or any sufficient reason with the proper documentation to sustain it. If the reason is not considered to be valid or the school finds that there is not enough documentation to support absence(s), the School has the right to terminate the student.

  2. A student may re-enter to complete the education within six months from the leave of absence at no additional charge, providing that the reason for the termination was beyond his/her control, however, the student will be subject to the existence of a vacancy.

  3. Disobedience or disrespectful behavior toward other students, instructor(s), and/or any other school official, is sufficient reason for the termination of the student.

  4. Any student intentionally creating a safety hazard will be terminated.


Re-schedule for Continuing Course


We have limited space in the studio; there are four seats available per class. Therefore, please try come to class as much as possible.  If you are unable to make it or wish to transfer to another day please let us in know advance. You can reach us at this phone number: 347-813-1237

A re-schedule requires 72 hours’ notice for any reason.

After 72 hours, re-schedule is not acceptable to make up. You will lose a session credit. Please be advised that declining a google calendar invite will not count as canceling a class. The best ways to cancel or reschedule are calling, emailing or telling us in person! 


We send reminder alert through Google Calendar for continuing course students. If the google calendar time zone setting is not in New York time, you may receive an alert wrong time so please make sure your google calendar time zone setting is set New York time.

We sometimes forget to set reminder settings but if you didn’t receive reminder alerts, still you have to pay attention and be responsible for your reservation. Even you didn’t receive a google alert for your reservation, it can’t be the reason you didn’t show up for the class. If you were not sure about your next reservation, please always contact or call at 347-813-1237.



Admission requirements


In order to register for a program in "Ayaka Nishi Jewelry Design School", the applicant must be at least 15 years old or have the authorization of a parent or guardian. The corresponding Registration Fee for each program must be submitted together with the Enrollment Agreement. The applicant will be considered enrolled after a fully completed Enrollment Agreement approved by "Ayaka Nishi Jewelry Design School".


Rules and Regulations


  1. Cell phones must be shut off or on vibrate mode. Your cell phone is not to be heard by other students or instructors in the classroom regardless of the class is in session or not. If you need to take or make a call, you must exit the school building.

  2. While in the classroom, conversational talking or other activities outside of the classroom scope of work is an annoyance for other students, instructors, administrative personnel, and visitors. Please exercise respect.

  3. If you are to be late to class; the hours that you miss in the class will not extend the length of your contract.

  4. General working environment maintenance: When you start classes, you are provided with a clean and organized working station. The inadequate cleaning and maintenance of your station will result in the loss of precious metals. You must clean and maintain your station during your workday and at the end of the workday. Also, at the end of a class, your bench and tools must be in the same condition as when you started your class.To avoid misplace tools and materials, please ask us where you can return them.

  5. For your own project, please don’t use our broken cast pieces (like honeycomb shape parts or casted bone parts) from the recycled metal jar on the jewelry desk. Some of the broken cast parts are part of Ayaka’s original designed jewelry.I understand they look cool but if students use these recycled parts for student design, the design could cause confusion with Ayaka’s customer base and brand. The instructor can help you create pieces that are original for you! Let’s be original.

  6. We are unable to take responsibility if you have misplaced or lost your materials, castings, or stones. Please make sure any continuing projects that you wish to leave in the studio are clearly marked with your name and are placed in the appropriate drawer. 

  7. If you have completed your sessions and still have unfinished work, it is not our responsibility. It's important to balance your time and we can help you best utilize your sessions and set realistic expectations based on skill. If your piece only needs 1-3 more sessions to complete you can purchase sessions individually, anything more than that we require the student to purchase a 4 session class pack.

  8. Since these are group sessions, the instructor needs to give attention to each student equally. We encourage our students to challenge new skills and use new materials, but if student project idea is too challenging or complicated for student’s ability, they may require an unfair amount of assistance. If the student requires a significant amount of attention, we may suggest ways to adapt your design or project to better fit your skillset. This will enable the student to learn more and progress onto more complex projects later on. Students must understand their skill and ability level and try by themselves under the instructor’s guidance.

  9. To keep clean our studio, we request students to change shoes to indoor studio sandals. Studio sandals are routinely sanitized and cleaned. You are welcome to use the sandals we provide or bring your own indoor sandals. If you would prefer to use your own, please remember to bring them to class.​

  10.  To work on your jewelry projects at home, students are not allowed to take studio tools and materials from the studio.If you need tools and materials at home, we can recommend places to purchase them. To purchase tools and materials, please ask the instructor about jewelry supply store information.


 About Casting


  1. If the student makes a wax piece in the class, we can take order casting for the student. We request students to sign and confirm their casting order to avoid confusion. Please make sure your order is correct. We use a casting company with which we a have long-term relationship. Sometimes because of technical issues or just bad luck, casts don’t come out the way expected, failed castings, or lose casts. It is a sad result for us too but it is out of our control. Please understand there is always risk in casting. It is part of jewelry making process. We, unfortunately, can’t take any responsibility for this unhappy result.

  2. Normally casting takes 3 days~ 1 week but depends on how busy the casting company is and depends on wax condition or materials, it may take longer than usual so we can’t confirm when your cast will be back so we recommend working on multiple projects at the same time to avoid wasting your time in the class in case your cast didn’t come back when you expected. 


Grounds for Termination


I agree to comply with the rules and policies and understand that the School shall have the right to terminate this contract and my enrollment at any time for violation of rules and policies as outlined in this contract. I understand that the School reserves the right to modify the rules and regulations and that I will find the current rules and regulations on the school website.




The School assumes no responsibility for injuries or other damages induced by the students on their person or their own or other student’s personal properties. Student behavior and the proper use of the facilities and equipment will be practiced in accordance with school regulations. 


© 2020 by Ayaka Nishi New York

Proudly made by Ayaka Nishi New York Inc.

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