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1 on 1 Private Online Session


This online session is good for someone

 - Who wants to have 1 on 1 online consultation
-  Need advice for jewelry making related questions
-  Need advice for jewelry portfolio
-  don't live in New York but still want to learn remotely

1 on 1 online Consultation is for someone who wants to ask specific questions about jewelry design and jewelry making.

Ayaka has over 20 years of jewelry making experience and 13 years of the original brand running experience and 7 years of teaching experience.
If you need some expert advice, we can set a consultation using a zoom or face time.
Of course in our actual class, we are welcome to be asked some questions but
if you live out of new york and can’t attend our class or if you need the only consultation instead of taking group jewelry making sessions or if you need to ask more questions not a small talk level in a group session class, this consultation can be a perfect fit for you.


– Technical question about jewelry making
– Consultation to build own jewelry brand
– Consultation for brand development
– Advice for a home jewelry studio setting
– Design advise
– Advice to prepare jewelry design school portfolio
– Material sourcing question
– Introduction to some contractors in the diamond district in New York.


We can do a consultation in English and Japanese.
We set both convenient times to communicate.
Ayaka will try to answer your questions as much as she can from her experience.
To make efficient the consultation time, if you already have some idea of questions, we recommend contacting us at in advance so everything will go smoothly.


30 minutes :$45
45 minutes :$60
60 minutes :$85

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