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About re-opening class after COVID-19

We wish you and your family could stay safe with this difficult circumstance.
We've re-open our school.

We will still stay closed Tuesday evening class but we are teaching only Wednesday and Saturday morning class(11 am-2pm) and afternoon class(3-6pm) and Sunday morning(11am-2pm). We teach only 4-5 students in each class now.
We still require to wear masks during the class.


What is our plan for a safe environment

- We limit each class capacity to only 4 students now.(Max is 5 students).
- We check all student's body temperature by a quick thermometer at the entrance.
- We require wearing a mask in the class to all students and assistants.
- We require washing hands when students and staff came to the studio.
- We keep hand sanitizer in our studio.
- We partitioned out the studio
- We introduced a new ozone air purifier.
- We will maintain social distance.

Since we have class seat limitation only 4 students each class, please let us know if you want to start taking our class at

Ayaka Nishi

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