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In our one day class, we provide a curriculum in which a student will make a ring in 3 hours.

We also provide a beginner course (12 sessions), a free production course, a wax course, private 1 on 1 tutoring.


For beginner students with no experience at all with jewelry production, instructors will teach you carefully step-by-step.  In an environment of a creative studio with active jewelry artists, would you be interested in jewelry production together?


1 Day Jewelry Making Class

The one-day jewelry making class is an experience for people who want to be exposed to jewelry production.
Under the guidance of the teacher, you will create a small ring and set a diamond for 3 hours.This class is perfect for someone who want to enjoy creative activity with your friend, partner and family.

Beginner's Course

These classes are for students with no experience in jewelry production.  The class meets 12 times and teaches you how to use different tools of jewelry production including sawing, soldering, hammering, polishing, and stone setting.  With these different tools, students will produce their own jewelry.


Wax Course

This is a class where you learn about jewelry production using a wax such as a candle wax.  You can create shapes by cutting or carving. There are wire types, block type, and sheet type wax.
Wax is a good material to make a sculptural design.


In this course, it is recommended for the student to have prior experience and basic knowledge of jewelry production.  Also, the curriculum is much more flexible and the student is creating what they want to make with the guidance of the teacher.


Free Production Course

Under the guidance of the teacher, this class will be centered around the two rings for those two people.  If you want to produce two engraved simple silver or brass rings with a 2mm diamond, prices start at $175 per person.


1 on 1 online Consultation is for someone who wants to ask specific questions about jewelry design and jewelry making.If you need some expert advice, we can set a consultation using a zoom or face time.

This private session is good for someone who wants to take a class completely privately.If you want to get full attention in the class, this is good for you.
Also, this is perfect for having special time for couples or family groups, and friends groups.

Private Session

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