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This class is good for someone

 - want to create special engagement/wedding ring
want to create anniversary ring

Under the guidance of the teacher, this class will be centered around the two rings for those two people.  If you want to produce two engraved simple silver or brass rings with a 2mm diamond, prices start at $185 per person. (like a top left ring)If you want to create the rings in a material other than silver please contact us. The 14K gold ring starts $410, 18K gold ring starts $550. (This price is 3mm band ring)
If you want to make a wider band, please check the price on this price chart.











If you have a specific design in mind that is more complicated, the price and production hours will vary depending on the design and materials and weight and your skill background.

Production Time: For a simple silver engraved ring, it will take 3 hours.  Production time will vary according to the design and materials used.
Tuition: Price will vary according to the design and materials used.

This is a group session. For a completely private couple class is starting $740 for 3 hours. (Not including fine materials cost.)
Please check more detail information about private sessions here.

Please contact us at



You can keep smooth or give hammer textured, also you can make a different bandwidth.
You can stamp letters inside or out side of the ring.


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