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Ayaka Nishi Jewelry School is a private jewelry school that is in the private studio of a jewelry artist. 
We provide semi-private classes with a small number of only six students per class.

From the 1st class experience, curriculum, you can choose beginner's course of all 12 times, wax course, such as free production class, depending on the purpose.

For a student with no experience of jewelry production, I will teach you carefully from scratch.

Would you like to partake in jewelry making fun together in an artistic space in a home-like environment?


You will create pieces from nothing by welding using a gas burner, or setting the stones. You can use all tools provided in the studio.

We are conveniently located in the East Village where many other artists live.

Because it is a studio run by an active jewelry designer, it is an artistic space decorated with her own work.

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