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Q & A

This is a Q & A about the jewelry school.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

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Is it okay if I am a complete beginner?

Because the classes are semi-private in that the total class size is four people, students will be taught carefully.  Because of this, total beginners are welcome in our classes because the teacher will be able to support the student individually.

Do I have to bring anything when I attend classes?

There is nothing in particular students should bring to the studio as all tools and materials, including aprons, are in the classroom.  Since we are creating fine work, long nails may cause difficulty in using tools.  Also, it can be dangerous if your hair is long and you are using some tools.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you tie your hair back during the course. 

How much does the material cost?


We prepare these materials for the continuing course, and this cost is not an additional charge.
- metal sheets of brass, copper, and nickel silver, wires, wax
- silver solder for welding
- flux
- silicon, and wire brushes
- all tools and gas tanks
-all type of wax

However: we charge for these materials.
- Fine metal (gold and silver)
- Gemstones
- Casting cost

you may purchase those in the classroom for extra. Fine materials will be charged by weight. The material cost for the 1-day class has been included in the tuition.

I am going to New York for tourism purposes, but I want to attend the 1 day class during my stay.  Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible.  Many people who travel to New York and who are native to New York wish to attend our one-day trial class of jewelry production.  This may be a once in a lifetime experience to create your own handmade ring in New York.

In the one day class, what kind of jewelry will I be able to make?



Under the guidance of the teacher, you will be able to create a small diamond set ring in 3hours.  You can stamp a message, date, and initials on this ring.If you want to make more sculptural shape ring-like dorm shape ring, we recommend taking wax ring class.



Is it possible to buy the jewelry of Ayaka Nishi in the classroom?

Yes, part of the studio is Ayaka Nishi's showroom space and you will be able to purchase products directly from the studio.

I would like to learn jewelry production in the form of a study abroad in New York.  Is this possible?

Unfortunately, we do not issue out I-20 forms to obtain a student visa.  You do not need a student visa in order to attend classes.  However, if you are interested in taking classes for more than three months, you must have a student visa or tourist visa. In our studio, we offer classes two days a week (Wednesday and Saturday).  If you would like to take classes two days a week as your own study abroad program, it is possible.  Please contact us about the availability of the class.


Is it possible to bring my own stone to use in the classroom?

Yes, it is possible to bring your own stone to use in the classroom.  However, some stones may be complicated and difficult to use especially for beginners.  Therefore, it is important to consult the teacher and show the stone to the teacher directly.

Is it possible to create jewelry combining parts of ceramic art that I have made?

Yes, it is possible to produce jewelry that holds parts of ceramic art to keep  as a stone.  In our school, we do our best to serve the needs of our students and to honor their creative ideas.  However, if you are a complete beginner, the beginner's course is highly recommended in order for you to learn how to use the basic tools and gain important skills.

What do I make during the beginner's course?

In the beginner's class, we will first create a simple ring from a single sheet. Then, we will create a ring with two types of metal where we will twist the wire and stop the stone.  We will continue to work on and challenge ourselves using small materials, welding metals, and using stones and wax curving. Please see the gallery page for more information on students' work.

How flexible are your cancellations for Continuing Courses?

We understand that there may be some circumstances where you may miss a class and because of this we are able to reschedule your class with a 72 hour notice in advance. Please note that our class spots are limited, so rescheduling will depend on both your next availability along with ours. You can also find more information on our cancellation/rescheduling policies at here.

How many students are in each class?

There are 7 open spots in our studio.

When can I start?

Because every student is taking the course at their own individual pace, you may start the course for the day you signed up for. Please refer to our school schedule for further availability.

I have my own design idea for my jewelry piece, may I make my own?

For students enrolled in the Continuing course, you may create your own design with the skills you have learned from the class.


For students taking the One-Day course, because of the limited time available, our instructor is to teach you how to make a ring however if you have an idea that is simple to make in 3 hours, we can discuss farther via email at

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