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1Day Jewelry Making Class

Regular (Silver or Brass):$185
14K gold (3mm bandwidth):$410
18K gold (3mm bandwidth): $550

Cintinuing Course(Beginners, Wax, Free production course)

12 sessions (36Hours): $1060 
4 sessions (12Hours):$380 
8 sessions(24Hours):$720 

36 sessions(108Hours):$2952


Private session

1-4 students : 3 hours:$740
5 students : 3 hours:$925 
6 students :
3 hours:$1110

Wedding, Engagement Ring Class

If the student make same style simple ring of 1 Day Jewelry Making Class project, tuition is same of 1 Day Jewelry Making Class.
If the design is more complicated than 3 hours session, tuition will be varied depending on design and materials.

Online Consultation

30 Minutes:$45  
45 Minutes:$60 
60 Minutes:$85 


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