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Wax Course

This course is good for someone

 - Who want to learn jewelry production using wax
 - Who want to make sculptural design
-  Who want to start making jewelry at home

This is a class where you learn about jewelry production using a wax such as a candle wax.  You can create shapes by cutting or carving. There are wire types, block type, and sheet type wax.
Wax is a good material to make a sculptural design.
Wax is a great material to work at home without using fire. If you are interested in start making jewelry at home, the wax is great to start.


We prepare some curriculum to learn basic project ideas using all those three types of wax.(block type, sheet type, and wire type wax) but our curriculum is flexible if you have any specific design idea.


We have all tools and equipment and materials for the student so the student can start learning jewelry making without any investment for tools.

12 Sessions (36Hours)  Tuition: $1060

This price is not including casting costs. Cast cost depends on materials and weight.

If you make the simple ring in silver, the price will be $10-20 in brass, the price will be $5-15.

We figure many students are living busy. Since we have a contractor in the diamond district, we can send cast orders for students so the student doesn’t need to go and pick up for casting in the diamond district.

If you want to learn some aspect of jewelry-making skills as a beginner, we recommend 12 sessions package but it is totally up to your schedule and budget.
Our continuing courses start with a 4 session package and go up from there.


Our studio has all tools and materials so you don’t bring anything for the class.
If you want to use your own tools and specific materials, it is totally fine to bring your own.

In our class, each student work on a different project.
We offer different curriculum and projects depends on student requests and skills.
If you want to learn any specific technique or project, the instructor can discuss and help you. We can be flexible for each student request.

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