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In our one day class, we provide a curriculum in which a student will make a ring in 3 hours.

We also provide a beginner course (12 sessions), a free production course, a wax course, private 1 on 1 tutoring.


For beginner students with no experience at all with jewelry production, instructors will teach you carefully step-by-step.  In an environment of a creative studio with active jewelry artists, would you be interested in jewelry production together?

Ayaka Nishi Jewelr Design School Studio view
  Class Schedule

Tuesday          Evening Class 6:30pm ~ 9:30pm
Wednesday    Morning Class 11:00am ~ 2:00pm
            Afternoon Class 3:00pm ~ 6:00pm

Saturday      Morning Class 11:00am ~ 2:00pm
                       Afternoon Class 3:00pm ~ 6:00pm


※ Because the maximum class size is six students, as soon as the class is filled to full capacity, it will be closed.  Please contact me as soon as possible for those who wish to enroll in this class.

Click here for a contact form or please contact me at

I want to learn the basics of jewelry production

Beginner's Course


These classes are for students with no experience in jewelry production.  The class meets 12 times and teaches you how to use different tools of jewelry production including sawing, soldering, hammering, polishing, and stone setting.  With these different tools, students will produce their own jewelry.
We prepare some curriculum to learn basic jewelry making ideas including stone setting, wax carving but our curriculum is flexible if you have any design idea. We have all tools and equipment and materials for the student so the student can start learning jewelry making without any investment for tools.


12 Sessions (36Hours)  Tuition: $975 Material Cost: $75
(If you want to use gold and silver, you must pay separately)

Beginner's course student work

We use many tools in jewelry production.  In order to learn jewelry production, we will work with something simple first.


We are located in East Village, Manhattan. This area is an artistic hip area with music and poem and art history.There are many local cafes and small boutiques.Our studio is easy to reach by subway. We are conveniently located within a 5-minute walking distance from the R line on 8th street, a 5-minute walking distance from the 6 line at Astor Place, an 8-minute walking distance from the L line on 1st Ave., and a 5-minute walking distance from the F line on 2 Ave.  

319 E9th Street West Basement,
New York, NY 10003 (Bet 1 and 2 ave)

Check on google map


Free Production Course

In this course, it is recommended for the student to have prior experience and basic knowledge of jewelry production.  Also, the curriculum is much more flexible and the student is creating what they want to make with the guidance of the teacher.


I want to work freely after having a basic understanding of jewelry production

4 Sessions (12 Hours) Tuition: $325  Material Cost: $25
8 Sessions (24 Hours) Tuition: $620  Material Cost: $50

12 Sessions (36 Hours) Tuition: $900 Material Cost: $75

24 Sessions (72 Hours) Tuition: $1690 Material Cost: $150

(If you want to use gold and silver, you must pay separately)

Student woks jewelry

If you would like to bring your own stone to use, you may bring it and work with the instructor together to create the piece you want.  

I want to learn jewelry production using wax

I want to make sculptural design

Wax Course

This is a class where you learn about jewelry production using wax such as candle wax.  You can create shapes by cutting or carving. There are wire type, block type and sheet type wax.
You will make some projects using all those three types of wax.
Wax is good material to make a sculptural design.

12 Sessions (36Hours)  Tuition: $975  Material Cost: $75
If you want to use gold and silver, you must pay separately)

Wax Ring

Wax is great materials to work at home without using fire.If you are interested in start making jewelry at home, wax is great start.

1 Day Ring Making Class

The one day class is an experience for people who want to be exposed to jewelry production. Under the guidance of the teacher, you will create a small ring and set a diamond for 3 hours.  It is possible to engrave your initials and a date to make this piece an original.

Production Time 3 hours   Tuition: $175

Material Cost Included (in the case of brass or gold)
As a request, you can make in 14K Gold ($340) and 18K Gold ($390) as well. Please contact at

*Please click here for the Gold Price.

I want to experience

jewelry making

I want to create

a handmade gift

1Day Jewelry Making Class Sample Ring

This course is recommended for those who want to make a handmade gift for their unforgettable trip to New York.

I want to create special rings for two

Wedding Ring, Couple Ring Production Class

Under the guidance of the teacher, this class will be centered around the two rings for those two people.  If you want to produce two engraved simple silver rings, prices start at $175.  If you want to create the rings in a material other than silver or if you want to put a stone on it as well, please contact us.The 14K gold ring starts $340, 18K gold ring starts $390. If you have a specific design in mind that is more complicated, the price and production hours will vary depending on the design and materials and weight and your skill background.


Production Time: For a simple silver engraved ring, it will take 3 hours.  Production time will vary according to the design and materials used.
Tuition: Price will vary according to design and materials used.

This is group session.For couple private class is $600 for 3 hours.(Not including fine materials cost.)
Please contact us at

Wedding and Engagement Ring samle
Wedding and Engagement Ring sample

You will be able to make a small diamond ring with an inscription in 3 hours. This is the same style ring of 1 Day Jewelry Making Class project.

If you want to make more your own designed ring, we recommend taking our continuing course which starts 4  sessions or Wax Ring Making Class(2 sessions). For more detailed questions, we are happy to do a consultation for your wedding ring idea. Contact at

If making the rings yourself seems too difficult, we can accept your order.
We can accept custom order and Ayaka has wedding and engagement ring line.

Ayaka Nishi Wedding Collection

Wedding and Engagement Ring sample

I want to have 1 on 1 private session

1 on 1 Private Studio Sessions

If you want to take a completely private lesson personally, please contact us.  This sessions is good for someone who want to develop your own jewelry brand and need consultation too.
3 hours Jewelry Making session is starting $475(Not including fine materials cost.)
For couple private class is $600 for 3 hours.(Not including fine materials cost.)

I want to have 1 on 1 online consulation

1 on 1 Private Online Sessions
photo (12).JPG

1 on 1 online Consultation is for someone who wants to ask specific questions about jewelry design and jewelry making.

Ayaka has over 20 years of jewelry making experience and 13 years of the original brand running experience and 7 years of teaching experience.
If you need some expert advice, we can set a consultation using a zoom or face time.
If you can’t attend our class or if you need the only consultation instead of taking group jewelry making sessions or if you need to ask more questions not a small talk level in a group session class, this consultation can be a perfect fit for you.

  • Technical question about jewelry making

  • Consultation to build own jewelry brand

  • Consultation for brand development

  • Advice for a home jewelry studio setting

  • Design advise

  • Advice to prepare jewelry design school portfolio

  • Material sourcing question

  • Introduction to some contractors in the diamond district in New York.


We can do a consultation in English and Japanese.
We set both convenient times to communicate.
Ayaka will try to answer your questions as much as she can from her experience.
To make efficient the consultation time, if you already have some idea of questions, we recommend contacting us at in advance so everything will go smoothly.

30 mins online consultation :$50
45 mins online consultation :$75
60 mins online consultation :$100

Continuing Course Price
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