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Jewelry Making Tools List

We are frequently asked about jewelry tools' recommendation to work at home.
There are many websites to purchase jewelry tools but Amazon has an amazing return policy so I personally like purchasing on Amazon.


We made a jewelry tools list from amazon and happy to share this list for our students.
I selected items that I use at the studio and at home. Some items are not specialized for jewelry making but I found it convenient for jewelry making from my experience.

There are many expensive good tools from Germany or Switzerland but I believe if you just started, you don't want to spend too much money until you have the confidence to continue so I try to select not too expensive choice for beginners. These tools can be good starting tools and if you are getting the confidence to continue, you can think to buy high-end tools.

Tools for both metalwork and wax

Working Tray

Food Tray 10 x 14, Black

This tray is quite a big size. (14" x 18") If you don't have a jewelry bench with dust collecting tray, and simply want to start making jewelry at home using a regular table or desk, this big tray is quite convenient. When I work wax curving or cutting metal at my home desk,I use this tray to collect metal and wax dust.


Saw and Vise

Jewelers Or Crafters Saw Kit with Blades, Cutting Lube & Vise

This is a perfect kit for cutting metal and wax. Using this lube with vise, you can use your regular desk without buying jewelry bench.To correct dust, you can use a tray.



File Set

High Carbon Steel Multipurpose File Set Includes 4PCS Flat/Triangle/Half-Round/Round Large File and 12PCS Needle File and ONE Scratch Brush and ONE Portable Bag

This is a perfect file set for both metal and wax. There is many different shapes of the file.



Saw blade


This is the same blade we use in our studio. Made in Switzerland.
This blade works for silver, brass, copper, bronze and other soft metals like block wax.


Dicfeos Headband Magnifier with LED Light, Head Mounted Magnifying Glasses for Close Work, 5 Clear Magnifying Lenses

To work small detail work, this magnifier is helpful.You can change the different lenses.

Micro Engraver

Uolor 108 Pcs Engraving Tool Kit, Multi-Functional Electric Corded Micro Engraver Etching Pen DIY Rotary Tool for Jewelry Glass Wood Metal Ceramic Plastic with Scriber, 82 Accessories and 24 Stencils

This micro engraver is not so powerful compare with a shaft in our studio but still, this is a good substitute of shaft for beginners.
This is compact and portable.You can change many kinds of tips and work in many different ways like drilling holes, polishing, and wax carving.


Foredom Flex Shaft

Foredom Reversible SR Motor w/Standard Shaft Sheath & Foot Control Flex Shaft Machine Jewelry Making M.SR-FCT Rotary Motor 115V 1/6 HP

This is a more professional shaft compare with a micro engraver I instroduced above. This is the same shaft in our studio and this set came with many tips.This shaft is quite powerful compare with a micro engraver but you need to hang to set this and use more space and quite expensive.(over $300).I personally think if you are completely beginner and just started jewelry making, above micro engraver can be a good start.


Hammer, Metal Ringsizer and Mandrel

HEYMOUS Ring Mandrel Ring Sizer Tool Steel Ring Sizing Gauge SizersSet Rubber Jeweler's Mallet Hammer Metal Finger Size Measuring Stick Wire Wrap Rings Tools Jewelry Making Kit

This is a perfect set for a ring sizer, hammer and mandrel.You can check ring size with them.


Tools for wax

Wax Pen

Max Wax Carving Pen Shaping/Thread Burning Tool

This is the same wax pen we use in our studio.

Instantly heats up to 850 degrees F (454 degrees C) with finger pressure control.You can melt with wax easily and connect wax or repair broken part of wax curving.This works AA battery.


Wax Removing Mandrel

SE Wooden Wax Removing Mandrel (Size 1-14) - JT111WR

This removing mandrel is useful to adjust size of ring shape block wax.This is must item for wax curving for ring.

Wax Carving Tool Set

10 PCS Dental Wax Carvers with Case, Stainless Steel Carving Instruments - Metal Clay Pottery Sculpture Tools Set - Restorative Double Ended Waxing Modelling Kits

This is a perfect wax carving set for beginners.It comes with many different shape and price is quite affordable.If you want to buy better wax curving tool set, I like this Wolf wax curving on Rio Grande but price also quite expensive.($180).If you are beginners, I recommend starting this toolset.


Alcohol Glass Lamp

3 Angle Alcohol Glass Emergency Burner Lamp w/Adjustable 3/16" Wick Jewelry Soldering Making Wax Working Woodworking Watch Repair Tool

Most of wax part, you can use wax pen but to work detail part, wax pen is too hot so difficult to work so I recommend using alcohol lamp with a needle.

Alcohol for Alcohol lamp

Sunnyside 83432 Denatured Alcohol, Quart

Clean burning alcohol lamp fuel.

Hand Drill Bits Set

57 Pieces Hand Drill Bits Set, Pin Vise Hand Drill, 46 Pieces Micro Twist Drill Bits and 10 Pieces PCB Mini Drill Bits for Resin Polymer Clay Craft DIY Jewelry (0.1-1mm, Random Color PCB Drill)

This is hand drill bits set is a perfect set to work on a detailed part of wax. You can set a needle to work with an alcohol lamp for detailed work. It doesn't come with needles but you can use a regular sewing needle to insert for the handle.

Block Wax Assortment

Casting Wax FERRIS File A Wax Assortment Professional

This is a perfect block wax assortment set.It comes with many different shape.You can make ring, bracelet and pendant with these block wax.


Block Wax Ring Tube

Ferris Carving Wax Ring Tube Flat Top Green 1-5/16" H x 1-3/16" W x 5/8" # T-200

This is a block wax to make ring. Green color wax is hardest one and good for detail curving.

Wire Wax Assortment

Wax Wires Jewelers Wax Wire Assortment Round & 1/2 Round Jewelry Design Wax (6E)

This is wire wax assortment set.It comes with a round and half-round.

16 gauge soft sheet wax

16 Gauge Ferris 3" x 6" Soft Pink Flexible Wax Sheets Jewelry Making Waxworking Casting

16 gauge is about 1.3mm. There is many different thickness of sheet wax but if you want to make thinner, this sheet wax is quite soft so easily you can make thinner.You can choose thickness depends on your design and purpose.


Dura-Gold Premium - Wet or Dry - Ultra Fine Variety Pack - Professional cut 5-1/2" x 9" Sheets - 5 each of (800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000) Automotive Woodworking - Box of 25 Sandpaper Finishing Sheets

For block type wax, you can use this sandpaper to make smooth.

Tools for metal work

Soldering Kit

Jewelry Soldering Kit Torch Pickle Pot Tools Solder Supplies & Repair Jewelry (M Box)

I imagine that most of my students don't want to use the torch and gas tank at home to avoid trouble with a landlord. Many students prefer to work soldering work at our studio even they make jewelry at home; however, if you want to set a soldering environment, maybe this small portable torch could be safer and a good choice for beginners. This kit comes with all you need for soldering, including solder, flux and pickle pot and tweezer.

Jewelers Plier Set

WORKPRO 7-Piece Jewelers Pliers Set Jewelry Tools Kit with Easy Carrying Pouch (Blue)

Bending metal and cutting metal, you need to use a plier. This is a perfect set of many types of pliers.

Metal Stamping Hammer

Metal Stamping Hammer - Jewelers Hammer for Leather Making, Jewelry Making, Carbon Steel-Head Hammer, Black and Yellow, 6.3 x 4 x 1.25 Inches

Stamping letters on metal, this hammer is good choice.

Texturing Hammer

Texturing Hammer with 9 Faces | HAM-470.00

You can give many different textures with stamp.

Solid Metal Bench Block 

Beadaholique Solid Metal Bench Block Wire Hardening and Wire Wrapping Tool

When you stamp letter or hammer texture you can stamp or hammer on this metal block.

Number & Capital Letter Stamp Set

HORUSDY 37-Piece Number & Capital Letter Stamp Set (A-Z & 0-9 + Love) Punch Perfect for Imprinting Metal, Plastic, Wood, Leather, 1/8 (3mm) (37-Piece)

This is quite addordable 3mm size metal stamp of numbers and capital letter stamps.


Silver and brass oxidization gel

Liver of Sulphur Gel, 1 Ounce Bottle | SOL-610.01

You can oxidize silver and brass with this gel. This is a different type of oxidizing solution but this looks a good choice for the price.

Yellow Brass 16 Gauge Sheet - 6" x 6"

This brass sheet is good thickness for making ring.
16 gauge is about 1.3 - 1.5 mm.You can practice stamping in this metal too.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Swan Hydrogen Peroxide Topical 32 Ounces Pack of 2
You can use this solution for pickle for brass.

Tumbler (large)

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler Lite with Clear Viewing Window and Leakproof Seal for Cleaning and Polishing During Reloading

To polish metal shiner, the tumbler is a convenient machine.
You use this with stainless steel media shot.
This tumbler is the same tumbler we use at our studio.It doesn't leak and It is enough size for the bigger item too.
If you think about your space and prefer to have a smaller one, you can check the below one.


Tumbler (small)

BestEquip Jewelry Polisher Tumbler 3kg 6.6Lbs Capacity Jewelry Polishing Finishing Machine 45W Mini Polisher Tumbler with Glass Barrel Lock Buckle Rotary Tumbler Surface Polisher for Jewelry Polishing

This tumbler is a smaller tumbler we used to have at our studio. This is compact and a good size for the smaller items like simple bracelets and rings etc. I expect most of the students don't make a bigger mask or long cuff like me so 
If you think about your space and prefer to have a smaller one, this is a perfect choice.

Tumbling Media Shot

1 LB 1/8" Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Shot Jewelers Mix 4 Shapes Tumbler Finishing

You need this media shot for a tumbler. You add this with water and hand soap.


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