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Ayaka Nishi Jewelry School is a private jewelry school that is in the private studio of a jewelry artist in New York.
We provide semi-private classes with a small number of students per class. We offer 1 Day Jewelry Making Class and a Continuing course.

Our  Class Schedule

Wednesday Morning Class (11am-2pm)
Wednesday Afternoon Class (3pm-6pm)
Saturday Morning Class (11am-2pm)
Saturday Afternoon Class (3pm-6pm)

- We accept up to 6-7 students for each class.
- We've updated the making tool list here.
- We accept private class as request.Please check detail about private class here.

Welcome to
Ayaka Nishi
Jewelry Design School


Popular Courses

We offer 1 Day Jewelry Making Class and Continuing course for multiple sessions package.


1 Day Jewelry Making Class

The one-day jewelry making class is an experience for people who want to be exposed to jewelry production.
Under the guidance of the teacher, you will create a small ring and set a diamond for 3 hours.This class is perfect for someone who want to enjoy creative activity with your friend, partner and family.

In this course, it is recommended for the student to have prior experience and basic knowledge of jewelry production.  Also, the curriculum is much more flexible and the student is creating what they want to make with the guidance of the teacher.


Free Production Course

Beginner's Course

These classes are for students with no experience in jewelry production.  The class meets 12 times and teaches you how to use different tools of jewelry production including sawing, soldering, hammering, polishing, and stone setting.  With these different tools, students will produce their own jewelry.


Under the guidance of the teacher, this class will be centered around the two rings for those two people.  If you want to produce two engraved simple silver or brass rings with a 2mm diamond, prices start at $175 per person.


Wax Course

This is a class where you learn about jewelry production using a wax such as a candle wax.  You can create shapes by cutting or carving. There are wire types, block type, and sheet type wax.
Wax is a good material to make a sculptural design.


1 on 1 online Consultation is for someone who wants to ask specific questions about jewelry design and jewelry making.If you need some expert advice, we can set a consultation using a zoom or face time.

Why Us?


Small Class

Our class is small. Each class fits up to 6 students and we have one main instructor. Each student jewelry bench has its own torch setting.


Our instructor, Ayaka is an active Jewelry Designer and jewelry brand owner before an educator. She has run her brand for 17 years and her jewelry has been featured on many well-known magazines including Vogue, ELLE.


We can teach from complete beginners to an experienced student. All levels are welcome!


Our jewelry studio has all tools and materials so you don’t need to buy your own tools to start learning. After you learn jewelry making in our class and if you feel comfortable to buy your own tools, you can ask advice.


You can start anytime

Since in our class, each student work on a different project, there is not a starting date for each course. You can start anytime at your convenience. 


We can help you to make your own wedding ring or engagement ring in 14K gold or 18K gold for a wedding ring, engagement ring

What our students say


"My 14-year-old son and I took Ayaka’s jewelry class last week.
My son likes arts and loves using tools to make artworks, and I thought he would enjoy Ayaka’s class while making his own ring.
He chose silver, and I went with golden brass. Both pounded the metal to make the surface have some effect. He had his ring had tarnished finish to make it’s color blackish. We liked our own ring very much! Very earthy, and It feels very natural wearing it.
Ayaka is such a great instructor! She was very attentive during the class and demonstrated each process in a user-friendly way."


- Miki

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Ayaka Nishi Jewelry Design School

319 E9th street, West Basement
New York, NY 10003
TEL: 347-813-1237

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