NY Useful Book

October 24, 2013


It is around that time where the cold has increased at the end of October.  The city of New York has also switched colors steadily to Halloween.  



Well do you know a book called NY Useful Book?



~NY Useful Book~

Encyclopedia of life for the Japanese living in New York, New York.  From basic life information in the United States like "Visa," "United States final return" and "driver's license" to entertainment information "attractions" and "museums," all you need to know about New York is in here.  Japanese interview to be active in New York Feature 1, "Special Feature 2: latest information of New York Gourmet".  Special Feature of this to be in Vol. 21.  See "Special Feature 3: Journey to the suburbs."  The Manhattan MAP is also on this book, and it is one of the must-have books for those determined to study the New York area.





The other day, Ito-san, the editor-in-chief of NY Useful Book attended the 1 Day Class.  The pattern has been published in the NY Useful Book.


In the 1 Day class, I have produced a basic ring.  If you read this article, you can imagine what it would include and how that procedure would take place.


If you have any interest in wanting to make such ring, we will work together to best tailor the hope of students as much as possible.


What about a handmade jewelry present?


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